Mindset Coaching & Soul Guidance

When you are embarking on any type of healing or spiritual journey, the first step is addressing the limiting beliefs & behaviours that are keeping us stuck. These sessions can be done as a single, part of a program, or in combination with the Spiritual Nouirshment Program. 

Holistic Nutrition  & Lifestyle

A comprehensive Holistic Nutrition Program designed to support you as you embark on your healthy lifestyle journey. Programs include aspects of Mind, Body, Spirit, and focus on meeting your unique nutritional needs, teaching you how to think about & approach food differently..

Spiritual Nourishment Coaching

A 3-month Spiritual Development Course that combines Eastern & Yogic Philosophy with Core Shamanism and principles of New Age Spirituality to give participants a well-rounded understanding of different worldviews and philosophies that help to shape our journey on the Spiritual path. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

This method of Hypnotic Healing takes the client into the deepest form of trance, allowing us to explore past-lives which can help to make sense of present day conflicts & iIllness. We are also able to speak directly to the Higher Self or Over Soul in order to seek answers to some of our deepest questions and to cultivate radical healing.