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Hello & Welcome! My name is Jessi; Holistic Nutritionist, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Past Life Regressionist, Shamanic Healer, Tarot Reaer & Intuitive Gude, and Yoga Teacher. I've spent almost 10 years learning about Nutrition, Yoga, Mindfulness, Shamanism, and Holistic Lifestyle Practices and I created this space as a platform to share my knowledge & experiences with people who are really ready to transform their lives on a holistic level; mind, body & spirit. I am very transparent in everything that I share and try to maintain an open mind so that I can continue to learn and grow on this path. Learn more about my personal health journey here.


My greatest passion is to teach others the art of self-healing and how to turn suffering & trauma into a powerful catalyst for change. I love teaching others how to make lasting changes in their lives and how to experience more joy and less suffering now. I want to show you that your ability to thrive in this body, in this lifetime, is truly your birthright but that we cannot treat the body as separate from the mind or spirit. Join me on this journey as we navigate the many contrasts in life with the tools of yoga, nutrition, and mindfulness at our side.


Whether we work together privately, in a group, or if you're just here for the recipes & podcasts - I hope to always challenge you. I hope that you become brave enough to live outside of your comfort zone. I hope that you begin to question everything that you think you know, including the structures in place designed to maintain our current perceptions. Most importantly, I hope to inspire you to cherish your body; to make self-care into a ritual, and to nourish yourself with whole foods, nutritional movement, high-vibe relationships, and a grounding spiritual practice. 


Peace & Love



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