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Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

The body is the sacred temple that houses the soul, and as such, it is interconnected with mind & spirit. When there is an imbalance at any level, it will always show up first with subtle symptoms that we often ignore which eventually leads to denser symptoms that can affect the physical body and contribute to illness and dis-ease. Our bodies hold innate wisdom and are capable of radical healing if we can provide it with the right conditions in which to do so. This is where diet, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle come into play. As the body becomes what foods we eat, the mind becomes the thoughts we think, and the spirit becomes the energy we carry; all of which we are capable of choosing.


This process requires mutual trust, and a willingness to do the work. It isn't easy to make changes to one's lifestyle, clients must be willing to dedicate a minimum of 3 months to this process of unlearning our old ways in order to learn new ways of being, of eating, and of living. I do not help people change their diets, I work with people to cultivate a new lifestyle that supports the goals & vision they hold for themselves. Anyone can follow a meal plan, but the real trick is in developing a relationship with yourself, learning how food and substances interact with your body, and how to nourish yourself accordingly.

"The part can never be well, unless the whole is well."         - Plato

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                                                            is available as a 3-month package with regular accountability calls and check-ins. There is an aspect of Mindset Coaching involved in this program, and as such only devoted clients who are willing to really do the work will be considered. A Complimentary Discovery Call is a great way to establish a connection in order to determine if us working together is going to be a good fit for both parties. If you are truly ready to heal & nourish your body, book a call today!

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

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